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This is the new liverjournal community where you can post about any comedies you want! I'm Jack (or Ferret Farmer) and I run this place so I don't want these things...
1. Posting rude things about this liverjournal community
2. Advertisments
3. Posting about non-comedy things
But I DO want
1. Everyone to have fun
2. Chat about comedy
3. number 1 again...
so, if you love comedy join here!
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Omg, i am like SO new to livejournal! *eyes roll* How do i work this? Ok i think ive got it now...

Drum roll please... (although i dont know what for!)
I loff comedy... more to the point, i loff british comedy, My favs being:
-Monty Python
-A Bit Of Fry And Laurie

and may i just add...

Stephen Fry is my idol, always will be my idol, my idol is Stephen Fry!